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if i dont get to oh-oh-five

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Apr. 3rd, 2009 | 11:58 pm

A day with tremendous ups and tremendous downs.

"Tremendous ups" is a rarity in itself. I felt more at home with my surroundings and with the people around me than I have in a while.
I really do have the most fun when I'm feeling energetic, even to the point where its ridiculous.

My replacement iPod is back in, and I may now re-commence awkward dancing to happy indie music.

I had a nice brush with fate today, as my decision to travel down Schoenherr rather than 15 Mile Road resulted in two other cars having an accident. (The accident was in no way my fault, the car didn't look and tried to cut in front of me, but ended up getting hit by another car). The crazy thing about it is that if I had taken 15 Mile, that probably would not have happened.

A trip to Utica today sparked my interest of taking a few polaroids in the graffiti tunnel. However, I realized that I still have to learn how to use it, exactly. I'm starting to get some excellent photo ideas for when I do.

Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts.

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